Introducing a fitness routine into your daily lifestyle definitely takes planning whether you are new to exercising regularly, have been out of the game for a while or are a seasoned fitness professional. Here at Fitness With Synergy it is our goal to provide you with smart tips and suggestions to ensure you get off to the best possible start towards your success.

1. Set Your Goal: Whether it’s for weight loss, running your next marathon or to simply cross the finish line, set your goals as soon as possible when you decide to take up the challenge of changing your lifestyle; this way your training will have a purpose and set you up for the best possible chance of success. Setting your goals the Synergy way… SMARTER, should make you a little less nervous because then you know the effort it’s going to take for you to achieve it.

Can you do it?

At Fitness With Synergy we set you up with the best possible chance of success by understanding your goals and help you plot your route accordingly.

2. Get The Right Gear: Fitness With Synergy’s advice at the start is to hold off on buying home gym equipment until you know for sure that you are committed to training at home. We have listed (in order of importance) what we consider to be the best start to get you going in the most cost effective way:

  • I. The most important fitness equipment for your home is YOU
  • II. Fit Mat
  • III. Training Shoes
  • IV. Pro-gym Bands
  • V. Jump Rope
  • VI. Stability Ball
  • VII. Heart Rate Monitor
  • VIII. Power Block Dumbbells
  • IX. Ab Wheel
  • X. Push Up Stands

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3. Getting Started: Fitness With Synergy will develop a customized program to fit your lifestyle with an ever-changing fitness plan that is simple, actionable and realistic and can be put to use right away. No expensive gym memberships, bulky exercise equipment, complicated workout programs, calorie counting or scam supplements; Just a simple application of the basics. This is what we call the TOTAL SYNERGY APPROACH:

Simple? Yes. Effective? Absolutely. One thing Fitness With Synergy has learned over the years in this business is that things are rarely as complex as they appear to be. Mystery, short cuts and confusion are great for marketing and selling the weight loss industry (which has taken full advantage of this fact) but, in reality, it is all just pie in the sky. Consistent application of the basics: good food choices, progressive training and quality rest will get you the results you are after.

That’s why at Fitness With Synergy:

We are accountable to YOU!!!

But not for You!!

4. Keep a Log: A useful tool, during your training, will be to track your progress by record it in a log so you can look back and see how you feel on any giving day and the progress you are making. Your training log can be as simple as a note book or in our online-system that helps monitor and tracks visual improvement so you can see how far you’ve come… don’t forget that pictures paint a thousand words.

5. Establish a Routine: Establish a regular schedule and follow it as consistently as possible. With the help of Fitness With Synergy you can plan your workouts and training into your routine just as you would any other meeting. Do your best not to break these appointments. You will get the most out of your training when you stick to it – that’s why at Fitness With Synergy you know exactly what you’re doing and when you’re doing it.

With Fitness With Synergy your body will fall into a natural rhythm

6. Find a Workout Partner: Sometimes it will get a little lonely on your fitness adventure and there is a lot to be said about strength in numbers – especially when training at home. Aside from pushing you during your sessions to work harder or walk a little faster than you would have if you were training alone, your buddy can keep you motivated and accountable. Plus, if your buddy has similar goals as yours they can help you stay on-track and confident amid your journey together.

7. Get Strong: A regular strength-training routine will help you become a more well-rounded healthier person who is better equipped to handle daily functions. This will make you feel and look better as well as promote a sense of psychological well being. No need to get fancy – a simple 20 minute total body program – three times a week is very functional.

8. Develop the Need For Speed: It’s important to incorporate some cardiovascular training into your program so the heart and lungs becomes stronger, the veins and arteries grow larger and suppler, also your lungs become more efficient with the transportation of oxygen all these adaptations will take place even if you are a beginner. At Fitness With Synergy we build up the tempo into your schedule over a period of time that will not only help break up the monotony of your cardio routine, but will help you become a more efficient fat burner.

9. Alternate Your Training: Now that your base fitness is set, we can start to have fun. As you continue to make progress, we use all the components of fitness to overload the body with different intensities, duration, frequency and type of activity used. This will lead to a productive and time effective fitness program that fulfills your goals. Alternating your training within your program gives you big advantages such as: variety and change, new physiological stimulation (new fitness gains), motivation and compliance (sticking with it).

10. Start Slow: It goes without saying that this fitness adventure you have decided to venture into is a lifestyle changing one! Starting too fast in the opening few months will burn you out and cause injuries in-turn de-motivate you – thus taking you right back to where you started. Remember to give your body a chance to adapt to the changes you are placing on it and you will succeed with the help from Fitness With Synergy.

11. Warm-Up & Cool-Down: The thought of exercising more than your scheduled session may not appeal to you, but taking the time to warm-up & cool-down correctly will go a long way with preparing the body for the exercise to come. It reduces the potential for pre-mature fatigue and post-exercise fatigue and reduces the risk of exercise related injuries as well. A proper warm-up will help you get the most out of your training sessions because when your body is warmed up, the exercise is more comfortable and adds less stress to the body.

12. Learn How To Rest: Just as important as training is how well you you’re recovering from its physical and mental demands. When you’re at rest, your body repairs itself from physical stress, allowing you to come back stronger and make fitness gains. The same thing goes for the mind. When you’re not training, shut your brain off from overanalyzing every minute detail so that you’re excited to tackle the next training session instead of dreading it.

13. Health Eating: With a few simple changes to your diet, healthy eating can result in a boost in your energy levels. Keep your goals in mind; this is where you set the foundations for the work ahead. At Fitness With Synergy we do our best to give reasonable guidelines and dispel myths. We believe in teaching the new food pyramid that tells you to eat more whole grain products, fruits and vegetables, and avoid fats and excessive sweets. Even something as simple as learning how to read food labels can encourage this move towards your sensible meal choices and weight control goals.

14. Train Your Mind: While it’s important to be fit and healthy, you want to be sure that you’re mentally ready too. Your health and fitness journey and training that precedes it will try and play mind games on you. Practice visualization exercises when you’re training: See yourself executing your overall goal for exercising and not losing focus when the going gets tough. Employ positive self-talk to avoid doubting yourself. By training your mind to work through rough times in training, you will be setting yourself up for success… and just remember; Fitness With Synergy is with you every step of the way.

15. Feel The Energy: Early in your training program you might feel sore and fatigued; But a few weeks later you’ll feel your mind, body and spirit begin to transform and give you an almost magical spring in your step. Embrace that buzz and use it as motivation for your immediate goal and beyond!

16. Overtraining: A mistake both new and experienced people make during exercising is overtraining. If there is any suspicion of overtraining, we encourage to take a day off from training and introduce more variety (alternate your training) or at least cut back in volume and intensity to avoid workout overload. Again, don’t worry! Fitness With Synergy will be looking to spot these signs and will advise you on what is the best course of action.

17. Remember Your Goals: We’ve all had moments of weakness during a workout or while trying to adhere to a healthy meal plan. The trick is to remember those key reasons you started in the first place. If you’re getting fit for your family or trying to do activities together, make an inspiration board with positive sayings and photos to look at for motivation – this is perfect for those weak moments; we all have them.

18. Smile: Numerous studies have shown that smiling can put you in a better mood. It can also help you work through a rough patch during your training routine. Relax your face and crack a smile to start the process of getting yourself back on track.

19. Thank All Who Helped: Once you have achieved your goal, thank all who have helped you. Without their support, you would not be where you are today. They help you make your journey a memorable one.

20. Celebrate: It is so important that once you have achieved your goal that you celebrate! Stop and think – it was a culmination of months of hard work to develop a new lifestyle that helped you achieve your personal goal. Reward yourself along with your friends and family to show that NewU off with those who have supported you.


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