Except for making you sweat, what else do you get with your very own online personal trainer?

Our Online personal training is a professional service, when you hire a personal trainer from Fitness With Synergy you are getting a complete personal & professional service, NOT just someone that makes you sweat.

All the aspects below make up our service to our clients and more…

We want you to get value for money and achieve your goals and by applying these simple steps we aim to do just that.


Convenient personal training

That fits around your routine

The beauty of having your online personal trainer is that you can train where is most convenient for you, either at your home, the local park or at the gym. It saves time and money while still reaching and exceeding your goals.


Contact your trainer when you need them!

Always on hand

Once you enlist a Fitness With Synergy personal trainer to help you reach your goals, you get more than your one-on-one time. You get their professional service when you need it, so….

If you have a burning question you need to ask, just send them a text.
If you need to discuss a workout you are unsure of, just give them a call
If it’s the middle of the night and you have forgotten when your next session is, well perhaps it’s best to send them an email.
Your personal trainer is always on hand.



Accountable to your personal trainer

One of the main reasons to work with our expert personal trainers is to have someone to share your goals, to provide expectations and to hold you accountable as you progress toward your ultimate goal. Having a personal trainer on board adjusts your mindset knowing you have someone to report to, someone who can keep you on track, motivate you, encourage you and pick you up when feeling low.



Inspiration to keep you motivated
As Fitness With Synergy personal trainers, we will inspire you to achieve, using our wealth of knowledge to provide a host of exercises and program routines you might never have done or seen before. By thinking outside-the-box and pulling from our specialized training skills we will keep you inspired and motivated. We will make sure you are never bored and always on track.



You’re Not Alone
Constant drive from your personal trainer that will push you to your limits, ensuring that you hit your goals. You are never alone when you engage with personal training at Fitness With Synergy. Your personal trainer will be there during the bad times, the tough times, the “I-can’t-go-on” times until you get to the good times. You can do it.


Home Gym – Your Mobile Fitness Suite

Enhance your workout

Whether its cardio exercise for weight loss, strength and core stability work for toning or an improvement in stamina we will give you all the necessary advice to help you choose the right equipment for your chosen environment. We have researched the most effective, innovative and fun training equipment to ensure your exercise program has variety and is fun to do.

Check out our suggested kit list.


A Fitness With Synergy Long-term Training Program

Professionally designed programs

To ensure that you will stay on track and hit your goal, we design your long term program from the word go. We constantly monitor your fitness and progress towards your goal and adjust or amend the set goals as required. By planning towards your long-term goal in manageable short-term segments and stages you will always be on the right track with a Fitness With Synergy personal trainer.

Vision & Mission

It is our vision to provide a cost-effective, unique personal training solution and to specifically work with people who are looking for a lifestyle changing experience.

It is our mission to provide the support you need so that you are both comfortable and successful in your health and fitness journey.

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