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IMAGINE... Personal Training Wherever and Whenever!

We provide personal fitness training in an all new way – online – anywhere, anytime. We have taken fitness and spliced it with technology to give our clients an extremely mobile fitness concept. We offer the best online service possible to help you reach your goals. With our online training platform you can talk with your trainer, get your workouts and track your progress. Fitness With Synergy’s online personal training saves you time and money by providing you personalized online training sessions with our expert fitness trainers – anywhere, anytime.

Corporate, Conditioning for Outdoor Fitness & Individual Wellness Programs


“A Healthy Workforce is a Productive Workforce”

Fitness With Synergy will work with you to provide a corporate fitness program that best suits each of your employee’s needs. At FWS we know there is no one size fits ALL when it comes to fitness. Why Corporate Fitness Programs? You may wonder why you should care about the amount of physical activity your employees get? The reasons are simple, logical and well supported by research. Physically active employees:

  • Are less likely to be overweight
  • Have fewer chronic health conditions
  • Have lower levels of stress
  • Miss fewer days of work
  • Are more productive than there sedentary co-workers

By helping employees become more physically active a corporation can:

  • Lower health care costs
  • Decrease sick days
  • Increase productivity

In fact, research shows that the average wellness program ROI is about 3:1 over a 36 month period. Meaning that for every $1 invested in wellness programs the average employer can expect to save about a $3 on health care costs and about $3 on absenteeism.

“Not a bad return-on-investment”


“Everyone of us has only one body, but we all have the potential in our aerobic and musculoskeletal systems to be the BEST we can be.”

We can help by designing an individualized program just for you. We offer many unique options that provide customized results whether you are just starting an outdoor activity or are an avid outdoor enthusiast. We accomplish this with:

  • Functional based and unique strength, balance, and agility exercises
  • Dynamic strength training that challenges the key body regions
  • Aerobic and interval training
  • Dynamic warm-ups, stretching, and nutrition advice
  • Special issues for women
  • Activity  specific programs, Hiking, Climbing, Biking, Paddling, and Skiing also with some cross-training


“Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime”

We help you determine the training program that’s right for YOU, based on your personal GOALS. Everyone is an individual not a “one size fits all.

You are making an investment in your future. Get it RIGHT the first time.

ASK YOURSELF...Are you getting the most from your workout?

IMAGINE... Personal Training Wherever and Whenever!





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The 12 week fitness program made a difference in my life. I had more energy and was able to do exercises I wasn’t able to do before.
Pamela I., -
This training system works perfectly for my lifestyle!
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It is our vision to provide a cost-effective, unique personal training solution and to specifically work with people who are looking for a lifestyle changing experience.

It is our mission to provide the support you need so that you are both comfortable and successful in your health and fitness journey.

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